Cross Chain Transaction

1. How to recover the abnormal cross-chain transaction?

Because of the consensus network, some people may get issue on cross-chain transaction that the balance didn’t increase after at least 5 minutes. Here are the detailed operation to help you make the transaction successful.

Open PIWallet, go to “ Wallet ” tab, find the transaction record and click “detail”.

  • Situation1

Click “Check ”, if it returns “Successful transaction” on the page, it means this transaction is successful now. You can refresh the balance on main chain again.

  • Situation 2

If you click “check” and it returns “Failed Transaction”, it means you need to resend PI to recover this transaction. Pls click “Resend” directly.

../_images/recover2.png ../_images/recover3.png

Fill out your account’s password.


Confirm the transaction info and click “Resend transaction”.


If it returns with one transaction hash, it means resend successfully. You can check the balance within 2 minutes. If it returns “Error” like the picture below, pls click “Detail” of the first transaction record and make a copy of the transaction hash. Then send this Tx hash & your address to PCHAIN Team ( PCHAIN team will help you make this transaction successful in 1~2 business day(s).